5 more ULEZ-compliant cars under £10,000

5 more ULEZ-compliant cars under £10,000

The ULEZ in London recently expanded. So we made a list of five ULEZ-compliant cars that can be had for less than £10,000. However there are plenty more cars out there to choose from within this price range. So with that in mind here’s another five ULEZ-compliant cars that you can get for less than £10,000.

Dacia Duster ULEZ-compliantDacia Duster

For many years now SUVs have been increasing in popularity. The Dacia Duster is an entry-level SUV which is spacious and easy to drive as well as being pretty cheap to run. If luxury interiors are your thing then the Duster may not be for you, but it does what it’s supposed to do very well. A £10,000 budget will get you a low-mileage 2019 example, ULEZ-compliant of course.

Citroen C4 Cactus ULEZ-compliantCitroen C4 Cactus

If you like quirky cars then you probably won’t find a more quirky ULEZ-compliant car for less than £10,000. The C4 Cactus has plenty of ‘out there’ features such as the heavy duty door bumps to avoid the paint work being scratched by door dings in the car park. And if you’ve every driven a Cirtoen before you’ll know just how comfortable they are inside. They have their suspension setup down to a tee and the C4 Cactus is no exception. So if you like great styling, light steering and comfy seats consider buying yourself a C4 Cactus.

Fiat 500C ULEZ-compliantFiat 500C

For just under £10,000 you can get a 2017 Fiat 500C with mileage as low as 25,000. It’s not very spacious and it doesn’t have a large engine. But it’s almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The 500C has a convertible roof which you can pull back when the weather permits. It only has a 900cc engine though. So it is more suited for town and city driving as opposed to the UK’s motorways.

Jeep Renegade ULEZ-compliantJeep Renegade

This is something you probably were not expecting to see under the ULEZ-compliant category, or ‘under £10k’ category for that matter. However the Jeep Renegade can be had for under £10,000 if you’re happy with a 2015 model with approximately 60,000 on the clock.

It’s high driving position and rough-and-ready styling make it appeal to a large audience. And the fact that it is pretty much a Fiat in disguise mean that the running costs aren’t too bad either.

Renault Megane ULEZ-compliantRenault Megane

The final car is a Renault, but not the Clio that you were probably expecting. The Clio’s big sister is a much better car for those who are looking for practicality. And the fact that is ia diesel makes it extremely economical boasting up to 70mpg. Despite being an oil burner it burns ouil pretty cleanly which is why even a 2017 model is ULEZ-compliant. For under £10,000 you can also get one with a super-low mileage of around 30,000.

So that’s five more cars that cost under £10,000 that you’ll be able to drive in the ULEZ without having to pay the daily charge. If you live in or visit the ULEZ often and are considering getting a vehicle that is compliant then you can use the handy ULEZ-checker on the TFL website. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a car that has clean emissions. You can also get wide range of EVs for a similar budget.


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