5 great EVs under £15,000

Five EVs that cost under £15,000

Nissan Leaf - best EVs under £15,000Volkswagen eGolf - best EVs under £15,000A recent survey by the RAC has revealed that just 24% of motorists say that they wouldn’t consider purchasing an electric vehicle in the future. Half of the people polled said that they would switch to an EV now if they had the money.

Due to the recent ULEZ expansion as well as other low emission zones coming into effect, electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many people. The cost of an EV seems to be the main barrier. So the price is preventing many people from adopting the greener choice.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of pounds to get behind the wheel of an electric car. Here are our top 5 pics for EVs that cost less than £15,000. None of these options are brand new. However they are all under 5 years old and with 20,000 miles or less on the clock. This makes them a viable option for those out there who are looking to save on their running costs.

Nissan LeafNissan Leaf

No EV list would be complete without mentioning the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf was one of the original electric cars that went to mass-production. So they’ve had plenty of time to get things right. The Leaf comes with an impressive amount of safety features. It also has a comfortable interior coupled with a surprisingly big boot. For under £15,000 you can expect to get a model with a lower range, but this is still typically 150 miles which would suit the majority of people.

If you want an affordable and practical electric vehicle then you can’t go far wrong with the Nissan Leaf.

Hyundai Ioniq - best EVs under £15,000Hyundai Ioniq

Another one that has been seen on the UK’s roads for almost a decade now, the Ioniq is a great budget EV. Hyundais are known for their generous options lists. If you buy an electric Ioniq you can expect to get all the mod-cons. It’s also larger than the majority of city-style cars that come in at this price range, so great if you want or need a bit of extra room. Like the Nissan Leaf, the range on the Ioniq isn’t great. This isn’t much of an issue though if you’re able to charge at home.

In a nutshell the Ioniq is a great car if you just want an affordable EV that doesn’t shout about the fact that it doesn’t burn fossil fuels.

Vauxhall Corsa-e - best EVs under £15,000Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa was one of the UK’s best-selling cars for many years, and the electric version is also increasing in popularity. The great thing about the Corsa is that it’s nice and stylish without looking too ‘boy-racer’. It has a pretty good range for a small EV with many 5-year old models being able to do 200 miles between charges. The fact that it’s a Vauxhall means that it’s not a very exciting car, and people often complain about the lack of leg room in the back. However if you don’t need the rear space and want something unassuming then the Corsa is a good choice.

Overall the Corsa will give you everything you need from an EV, backed by the reliability of a popular manufacturer.

Renault Zoe - best EVs under £15,000Renault Zoe

Another sensible choice for those who want an EV on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The Renault Zoe looks cool so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style for affordability. Despite being small it has an impressive range, making long journeys possible. It’s not big on space though. So if you regularly put the whole family in the car for longer journeys it may not be too practical. Also it’s worth checking the extra costs that are often associated with the Zoe. Older models have a battery rental fee, and are usually best avoided. On the most basic models you can’t get access to the faster 50KW charging either.

With the Renault Zoe what you see is very much what you get. A great-looking, mini EV that has a good range and won’t break the bank.

Volkswagen eGolfVolkswagen e-Golf

The Golf is probably the one single car that suits the needs of the majority of motorists out there. So it only makes sense that the e-Golf will be suitable for almost anyone who wants an electric vehicle. Even in EV form you get the same great build quality and exterior styling as you would with a normal Golf. However the e-Golf comes with the benefit of silent electric motoring. Due to the space needed for the battery the boot space is compromised compared to petrol and diesel Golfs. The range isn’t that great either compared to similar cars. However if image is important to you then you can get an eGolf with a £15,000 budget so it’s a good choice.

So while not the cheapest EV with he best range, the eGolf is a safe pair of hands for anyone who still values their street credibility.

So there are 5 electric cars that anyone can buy with just £15,000. When it comes to EVs this is probably the lowest budget that will get you behind the wheel of one. However the cars on this list are all great choices for anyone who wants to own an electric car without having to pay tens of thousands of pounds for the privilege.

So there you have five electric cars that cost under £15,000 to buy. If you’re looking for a ULEZ-compliant car then you don’t necessarily need an EV. Check out our list of ULEZ-compliant cars that can be had for under £10,000. Come back soon for more bargain car recommendations.

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Do electric cars have to pay ULEZ?

No. Electric vehicles are known as being 'clean' so are exempt from paying the ULEZ charge

What's the best electric car under £15,000?

The best electric car will vary according to your personal needs. However the e-Golf is the electric version of the Golf, which is one of the best all-round cars that money can buy

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